The IPDO symposium will be held in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joao_Pessoa). João Pessoa, the easternmost city in the Americas, is the capital of Paraíba, a state in the northeast region of Brazil. João Pessoa has a typical tropical climate, with warm temperatures all throughout the year and pleasant winds blowing from the ocean. João Pessoa has approximately 40 kilometers of beaches, as well as many small natural islands. It has many green areas distributed among its avenues, parks, and residential neighborhoods, which supports its claim to be "the second greenest city in the world", with more than 7 square kilometers of forested land, second only to Paris.

For the symposium participants, the airport of entry in Brazil shall be the International Airport of Recife, which is served by major airline carriers, with everyday flights from cities in North America and Europe. From Recife, João Pessoa can be easily reached by regular flights or by certified taxis. João Pessoa is located about 120 kilometers from the International Airport of Recife.

Brazil requires visas for several countries, including the United States. Please, check with the Brazilian Embassy in your country if you need a visa to be admitted to Brazil. Apply for your visa as soon as possible.