Areas of Interest

The IPDO2007 Symposium will emphasize a broad range of deterministic, statistical, analytical, computational and experimental approaches, which can be applied to the solution of inverse, design and multi-disciplinary optimization problems. Contributions dealing with practical applications are encouraged, such as in petrochemistry, aeronautics, astronautics, bio-medicine, transport and sensing of pollutants, materials design and processing, remote sensing, non-destructive evaluation, material property determination, acceleration of large scale optimization, etc. The topics listed below give a general guideline for possible contributions:


 Benchmark test cases

 Biology and bio-medical sciences

 Chemistry and combustion

 Constitutive laws in mechanics

 Design of experiments



 Epidemic disease evolution prediction

 Fluid mechanics

 Geographically distributed design


 Graphically interactive design

 Heat transfer

 Hybrid optimization algorithms

 Identifiability concepts

 Imaging techniques

 Inverse scattering and time reversal

 Inverse shape design

 Mass transfer

 Materials design

 Materials processing


 Multi-objective evolutionary optimization

 Multi-body dynamics

 Non-uniqueness sources and remedies

 Nuclear transport

 Optimum scheduling

 Pattern recognition

 Physical property estimation

 Regularization techniques

 Response surface construction and adaptation

 Semi-inverse problems and methods

 Shape optimization

 Signal and noise processing

 Solid mechanics

 Statistical and probabilistic methods


 Tracking algorithms

 Uncertainty and decision making

 Vibrations and structural dynamics