IPDO Symposiumís main objectives are to bring the three communities of researchers (inverse problems experts, design theory experts, and optimization experts) together and provide a common forum for presenting different applications, problems, and solution strategy concepts.† These three areas of research to be covered by the IPDO Symposium have a number of things in common.† For example, many methodologies for solving inverse problems employ optimization algorithms.† But, there are no optimization algorithms that employ methods of inverse design that could potentially substantially reduce the number of time-consuming analysis required by the typical evolutionary optimization algorithms.† Similarly, design theory is not well known in the optimization community where formulation of the appropriate multiple objectives and system-of-systems design formulations are often performed using intuition and personal experience.

The IPDO Symposium thus offers a unique international forum that should provide an excellent basis for cross-fertilization of ideas and creation of new synergistic approaches and methodologies that will combine the three fields of research so that more general, robust, accurate and computationally economical design methods are created for multi-disciplinary applications.