For the symposium participants, the destination shall be the Rio de Janeiro International Airport, which is served by major airline carriers, with everyday flights from many cities in North America, Europe and Asia. The International Airport is located within the city of Rio de Janeiro, about 25 kilometers from the hotel. Your trip from the airport to the hotel shall take between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

You may take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. As soon as you are cleared by customs, you will find the taxi booths where you can pay a fixed price for your trip to the hotel. However, we strongly suggest that you contact the official travel agency for the symposium (see below) for your transfer from the airport to the hotel. The travel agency staff will meet you in the airport and take care of your transportation to the hotel in special air-conditioned vans or buses.

The traffic in Rio de Janeiro is as bad as of major cities in the world, like New York. Therefore, we would suggest that you avoid renting a car for your transportation in Rio de Janeiro. To move around the city, and to visit most of the tourist places, you may use special tourist city buses, taxis, subway or special city-tours that can be bought from the symposium official travel agency. 

The official travel agency for the symposium is KSK TOURS ( For more details on hotel reservation, transportation from the airport and air transportation discounted tickets, please contact Mrs. Tania Mendes from KSK tours ( or ). Pre- and post-conference tours for the city of Rio de Janeiro or other Brazilian cities are also available. KSK Tours address is as follows:

Praça Floriano,55 - suite 1.203
20040- 007 Rio de Janeiro - RJ – Brazil
Phone: 55-21-2210-2424
Fax: 55-21-2544-9070

Brazil requires visas for several countries, including the United States. Please, check with the Brazilian Embassy in your country if you need a visa to be admitted to Brazil. Apply for your visa as soon as possible.

In the airport you will find an agency of the Brazilian federal bank “Banco do Brasil”. In this agency, you will be able to use your international bank card or credit card to make withdrawals in the Brazilian currency at ATM machines. The agency of “Banco do Brasil” in the airport also has English speaking tellers and you will be able to exchange your currency for the Brazilian currency there. You will find other agencies of “Banco do Brasil” around Rio de Janeiro, including Copacabana Beach, with ATM machines and currency exchange booths. You may also exchange your currency at the hotel, but probably for a lower exchange rate. The Brazilian currency is the “real”. For exchange rates, please visit

One of the major economic and cultural hubs of South America, the City of Rio de Janeiro ( sits at the heart of the Southeastern Region, where 60% of the Brazilian GDP is concentrated. A cosmopolitan metropolis, known worldwide for its scenic beauty and its natural resources, the city provides a harmonious and agreeable environment for its inhabitants and visitors. The City of Rio de Janeiro, which occupies an area of 1,261 km2, and has a population of approximately six million, recognizes that one of its main virtues is the kindness and hospitality with which its residents welcome all visitors. Rio de Janeiro is ranked among the top destinations in the world for fairs, symposia, congresses, conventions and exhibitions. Its exuberant natural resources include 90 Km of fine sand beaches, the Tijuca National Park, which includes the largest urban forest in the world, with 3,200 hectares of Atlantic Forest, the State Parks of Pedra Branca, Desengano and Chacrinha, covering an area of 48,500 hectares, and the Rodrigo de Freitas, Jacarepaguá, Camorim, Tijuca and Marapendi lakes and lagoons.